Domestic Deadline Declaration

This is my personal Declaration of Independence and Constitution

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all moms are creative, that they are [super] endowed by their creator [children] with certain unalienable right, that among these are faith, family, friends and the pursuit of Craftiness!

In 2011 I declare freedom from CHAOS (Can't have anyone over syndrome) and live a calmer, happier life with my whole family.

I, the domestically lazy, in order to form a more harmonious home, establish personal goals, insure domestic tranquility, provide for happy children, promote general healthiness, and secure blessings of organization to myself and family, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Domestic Deadline.

Article One: Learn to [really] FLY!
  • Starting by building up the baby steps, making a control journal, using my calendar and establishing regular routines
  • This will enable me to better manage my time allowing for more guilt-free crafty free time
  • A calmer home will lead to a happier family, Love the space you are in
Article Two: Improve Family Health
  • Follow the basics of Lessmeatarian to reduce processed foods, refined sugars and excess sodium.
  • Develop a meal plan focusing on simple, fresh, natural ingredients
  • Make positive food choices that also responsibly effect the environment (IE buy local, less or recyclable packaging)
  • Exercise even if it is only walking while crocheting! 
Article Three: Financial Peace
  • Develop and follow a realistic budget for my family
  • Apply the Total Money Makeover principals that best benefit my family (we don't have major debt, so many of Dave's baby step are already underway)
  • Design an "envelope" system [wallet?] to control the aspects of the family's expenses I am responsible for (IE, groceries, clothing, entertainment)
Article Four: Education
  • Teach my children the skills I am trying to [re]learn now to benefit them now and in the future
  • Read more than just magazines
  • Learn some new skills
  • Perfect some existing skills
  • Erase some old skills (aka, bad habits...)
Article Five: Express my Creativity
  • Get some of the ideas out of my head, off my to-do list and put into use
  • Handmade Holidays: make gifts, decorations, yummy treats, etc for birthdays and special occasions instead of purchasing something mass produced in a factory (unless it is made in [North] America or environmentally responsible!)
  • Make, Up-cycle, Thrift or Hand-me-down rehab at least 75% of the children and my clothing and accessories
  • Destash Challenge: Don't buy more craft supplies unless necessary to complete an existing project for all of 2011 or until I've used up 75% of my inventory
  • Etsy!  Regularly add inventory and hopefully fund my crafty addictions (once I've accomplished the Destash Challenge that is)
  • Complete projects taking up space...
John Hancock  Emily

Well, there ends my US History sarcasm.  My New Year officially starts tomorrow when the big kids go back to school.  My sink is shined and I'm fairly certain a Bill of Rights will eventually need to be drafted, no constitution would be complete without amendments!

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minimartha said...

I LOVE it! Very motivating!!! You have inspired me!

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