The Power of Pretty

At 11 am yesterday my house was in great shape.  By 11 pm, it was worse than it had started and I was too exhausted to do anything about it, despite my Flylady babysteps I've been working on.  So I went to bed with only the sink shining and picking out my clothes for today, just a long sleeve tee and jeans.  I still feel like I accomplished a lot yesterday though.

This morning I hit the ground running and made my bed, worked out, showered and then put on that tee and jeans.  After drying my hair, I looked at my post-it to put on my make-up and shoes, so I did.  Then something happened.

I felt much prettier and decided I needed to change my clothes.  My upcycled sweater skirt was begging to be worn, so I slipped it on.  After 10 minutes of searching for a top to wear with it, I realized the leggings I would wear under it were in the wash and I ultimately took it off.  But, I did attempt to take a picture of me wearing it, which makes it look much better than the previous pictures (even with the poor lighting)
Even though I'm not wearing the skirt now, I did put something a little nicer on and definitely feel prettier than I did when I woke up this morning, which is nice.  O-man will be off to school in a few minutes and I think I'll spend some time working on some clothes for myself that I've been wanting to do.  You know, a few pretty things!

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