Welcome to my crazy life.  Please feel free to email me with any questions, ideas, topics, blog sharing, etc. at

Follow me, comment on my posts or link back to my world but please don't use any pictures of my children.  If there is something you'd like to use but my kids are shown, contact me, I might have pictures without the kids also.

So remember:
When and idea is new,
Give credit where credit is due.
As I always try, too.
Boys I have one, and girls I have two,
But reusing their pictures gets a boo-hoo.
I'm slightly crazy and probably belong in the zoo,
As for spelling, mistakes you will find quite a few.
Unless you are a cow that says moo,
Follow me and I'll follow you.
When you see something that makes you say ooohhh,
Please comment or link so others can too.
This is what happens when I am up past two,
My favorite colors are teal and aqua blue.
If you aren't sure, just think WWJDo
And I'll get along with you!
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