Why I carry my own re-usable bottled water

My daughter has been asking a lot about the enviroment and polution.  We found the video in this article to be incredibly helpful in explaining why I choose not to purchase bottled water because of it's impact on the enviroment.

Both girls loved the 8 minute video and filled up their water bottles for tomorrow before bed.  Their favorite ones are the Thermos brand ones and since O-man is starting to drink less out of sippy cups, I may have to get hime this Mickey one for his birthday, he's a huge Mickey fan right now.


Peace be with you,


Sandy said...

We use Flylady water bottles. It's great for my commute and for my sweetie-o-pea to take to school. Saves sooooo much money and better for the environment. It's a win-win!!

Rhiannon said...

i want to share this with the WORLD!!!! I offer water in a pretty beverage dispenser when we have gatherings at my house NO MORE water bottles and even my baby has one of those reuseable water container :-)

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