About Me

Hi!  My name is Emily. I've been married to my wonderful husband for 10 years and a stay at home mom to three amazing kids for the past 8 years. I'd like to say I have an orderly home but the truth is I never mastered that skill. I'm too easily distracted by kids, crafts, volunteering, kids, crafts, napping, church, TV and kids (and kid crafts)! The count down is on to re-entering the working world and it's time to get things in order.

My family:
IronFish - my great husband. When he's not working, playing with the kids, improving our house or teaching Sunday School, he's training for half IronMan triathlons.

JuneBug - my oldest daughter.  She's sweet, stylish, studious, sarcastic and skinny as a stick!  In first grade she could still wear 18mo size shorts and I found myself always adjusting her clothes.  When she started sketching outfits, I started sewing them!

Tasha - my younger daughter.  She's loving, giggly, silly and almost always has a smile.  Just as skinny as her sister, she thinks purple goes with everything.

O-man - my baby boy.  He's a goofy ball of energy and curious about everything.  When he's not playing with his monkey, trains or dancing, he's probably unscrewing things with a coin (yup, it's been done).

My Extended Family:
Sister Baby - my middle sister, this was the name I called her when she was a baby and I was not quite 3.  I wish we lived closer but we still talk almost every day.

Tatertot - Sister Baby's son, my sweet nephew who suffers from a genetic blood disorder.   To learn more about him go to www.LongRace4Tate.com

Baby Sister - my youngest sister, the true baby of the family.  I wish we lived closer too, but she probably doesn't, she is a college student after all!

Spares - these are the kids I get to send home at night (usually!) but will gladly have around.  They get to call me Aunt Emily but I also answer when they say mom, even when their mom is there, I'm just used to their voices!

Randoms - I'm not likely to turn a child away when they come to play.  As long as everyone is getting along, the more the merrier!  I'm actually loosing track of the number of kids who's school file has me listed as an emergency contact.  Part of being a stay at home mom means I'm here for my friends, and their children.

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