Inspiration - Love the space you are in!

Well, day 11 of the flylady baby steps is to add a page to my control journal to write down inspirational quotes.  I've decided my favorite inspirational quote it "Love the space you are in!"  I'm not sure where I read that one, but it has really stuck with me lately.

Inspiration seems to be the theme for the day.  Over at one of my favorite blogs kojodesigns, where "I Heart New Years" is going on, today's task is to find/make some creative inspiration.  I'm trying to participate in their events each day this week too, even if it is only in 15 minute increments.

What inspires me?  My family!  Yes, seems a bit corny and maybe too simple, but here is how it comes together for me. 
  • I have these darling tall skinny girls who like to express their own fashion style.  I enjoy encouraging this by making clothes for them.  Since most store bought clothes need to be altered in some way for them, I've been inspired to re purpose hand-me downs and thrift store finds to better accommodate their "more inches than pounds" bodies.  I love when they draw their ideas for me!
  • I have a goofy little guy who is always looking outside the box (or playing inside one).  Many imaginative kids play with toys other than they are intended, my girls definitely did, but there is just something about how he creates new games like "plunger basketball" that make me laugh and think happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts tend to inspire creativity in me and he inspires me to think outside the box.
  • Originally my husbands obsession with triathlons inspired sleep (I was exhausted thinking about his work outs), but now that he has successfully lost and kept off weight and is maintaining a healthier lifestyle, I'm inspired to find and prepare healthy meals the whole family will enjoy.
  • I am also inspired to get the chaos of my home under control so that my home becomes a calmer and happier home so we can spend more quality time together - Love the space you are in!
I'm proud of my creativity and happy to share my inspirations with all from the minute you enter my home.  Recently the left side of my house became a gallery, showing off all of our inspirations.  Starting at the bottom of the stairs, candid and professional pictures, and some important memorabilia has begun to grow and like ivy climbing a wall, will be aloud to fill the space (as long as it is in a black frame, that is!). 
I did a bit of rearranging of this today to get the mirror in (got used to having a mirror by the front door so it needed to come back).  The obvious blank spots will be filled when the paint dries.
If you pass the stairs and head down the hallway you will find the gallery of kids art.  In an attempt to get stuff off my fridge, the kids and I designed a gallery wall.  Using mainly thrift store frames, foam core and burlap, we now display their best work.  They take it upon themselves to decide what work is worth "framing" and I have a lot less doodles on lined spiral notebook paper.
Since they select their best work, they then ask if we should save it or send it to a family member when they are ready to take it down
At the end of the hallway is my craft space, aka the other side of the kitchen.  I have a red kitchen, therefor a red craft room (don't really know what color I would paint a craft room if it was it's own room....).  The "back splash" wall was painted with several layers of magnetic paint before several coats of Dare Devil Red.  Originally I was bummed because I was expecting it to be as magnetic as my fridge.  Apparently over time, it became more magnetic and I now use it to put up pictures, sketches, and ideas. 
 Since my space was so nice and neat, I was inspired to work on a few things.  I'm so happy to say I worked on three different projects and put everything back (with the exception of things that need to be left out to dry)!  It was so great to be able to just do something without having to find the space, in only an hour I was able to make something the girls have been asking me to make for a while.

Introducing: Sock Extensions (not to be confused with leg warmers).  The girls don't like tights, they prefer to wear leggings and won't give up the Capri length ones from their closet.  I crocheted them some leg warmers (ala the awesome '80s!) but what they wanted was me to make their existing socks longer (um, OK...?).  So together this is what we came up with:
I think I might link these up to a few parties this week.  So, what inspires you?

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