Scrappy the Shape Monster

Sometimes I find when I am trying to listen to something or someone, my mind is wandering.  Even when I try really hard to pay attention, something said will cause me to think of something else and the next thing I know, I'm on a totally different topic, at least in my mind.

I've found that crocheting or knitting helps.  As long as I know the pattern I'm doing, I can easily keep my hands busy and then I actually pay better attention.  I guess I am just too used to multi-tasking!  Because of this, my purse usually has a crochet hook and some yarn in it everywhere I go, church, bible study, kids dance class, etc.  I frequently make wash cloths, or doll clothes like this:
So, yesterday when I was getting ready to go to bible study, I needed to grab some yarn, but really didn't have anything in mind to work on.  O-man brought me about 5 tiny balls of yarn, scraps too small to do much with and asked me to make something for him.  I tend to make girly things, and since he's almost 3, didn't think he really paid too much attention to this fact.

Working with what he brought me, I made him "Triangle Monster" (he named it):
This is by no means a new idea, I've seen them around and his "Aunt Amy" made him one a while back that he loves, he named that one "Amy Monster," which cracks me up.  He's hangin' with his "guys" now:
Amy Monster, O-Man & Triangle Moster, just chillin'
I've got more scraps of yarn than I know what to do with.... and the girls have dance class in an hour...
Peace be with you,


Brenda said...

Great idea. They are super cute.

minimartha said...

Those are the CUTEST things ever!!!

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