The #1 Reason to Keep My Craft Crap Organized

Yesterday I spent the day creating, it was so freeing to have the space to work on what I wanted to work on when I wanted to work on it.  I knew it would be, I've been there before, I just get side tracked and then loose motivation.  But, things are changing and my determination is stronger than it has ever been before.

So, what did I work on? Whatever I could practice serging on, of course!  It turned out to be several things, I was charged to keep going.  I'm behind in my sister-in-law's wedding gift (she got married in October '10, oops).  My excuse is that I did all her floral arrangements and wedding things that I never got to it even though everything was already cut.  I got a good portion of that done, and I'm hoping to finish it by this weekend.  Thanks to my serger I was able to whip up an up-cycled dress for my daughters, now I just have to figure out how I want to embellish it since it is too plain right now.  I'll show off pics once it's finished.

What I did finish is another cowl, this one I'm keeping, it's sooooooooooo soft.  And, I made a pajama pillow.  What is a pajama pillow you might ask?  Well, I saw these darling pillows with a hidden pocket to store pajamas that still have another night's wear in them.  Since my girls wear their jammies for usually two nights we've tried having them hang them on a hook (never made it there) and putting them under their pillow.... you'd be amazed at how many pajamas I find when I change their sheets!  I thought this might be worth a shot.  As I was scanning over my stash trying to decide what fabrics I wanted to use, I suddenly thought of my son's favorite jammies.  O-man is a monkey boy, not only does he climb like a monkey, he just loves them.  His favorite jammies green footies with monkeys on them, however, his little toes are sticking out and he hunches over to wear them since he's out grown them, but he still asks to wear them.

I had also seen many pillows made out of old sweaters, like the ones at here at Brassy Apple (thanks for pointing them out to me, Cheryl!).  Another thing on my eventual craft list.  But, both of these pillows led me to this:

Not nearly as cute, but was super simple.  I cut off the jammies at the chest and legs (just make sure your child isn't wearing them at the time, much less messy).  I left the zipper pull in the middle.  Flipped it inside out and sewed up the cut off ends and flipped it right side.  Since the jammies are contoured, the pillow is not perfectly square.  The material is stretchy enough that I think if I put a pillow form inside, it would look more square.  At first O-man was upset that I cut his jammies, but it only took him a minute to get over it when he realized it was a pillow.  I'm guessing he likes it since he's napping on it now (still with the Christmas jammies inside).

I still have to decide on how I'm going to make the girls' but before that I'm going to set my timer and do a room rescue.  It makes me feel like I deserve the crafting time, kind of like a reward for cleaning up.

On a side note, I saw on a DIY show last night that it takes 40% less time to clean without clutter and Americans spend a total of one whole year of their lives (on average) looking for lost items.  If those two facts aren't inspiration to get and stayed organized, I don't know what is.  Guess I'll be writing them down in my Control Journal on my Inspiration Page.

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Brassy Apple said...

thanks for the shout out! :) looks like you have lots of fun projects going

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