The Stars are Aligned

...in my favor today! 

I decided due to the impending snow, I'd run to Walmart which I had been avoiding, due to usually getting more than I go for.  Of course I had to take a spin through the craft department and managed to get the employee who didn't know how to measure the fabric after waiting 15 minutes for someone to actually help me.  I had spotted a remnant piece in my living room colors and a really cute gingerbread Christmas piece.  The lady found a bolt of X-mas fabric for the price of $0.86 and gave me what turned out to be two yards of the gingerbread for that price!  Then since she couldn't figure out what price the other piece was, she gave it to me for the same price.  It wasn't as much, a little less than a yard, but still a great deal.  So I got out of Walmart only spending $1.72 more than originally planned.

After finishing up my other errands, I passed Wendy's and really wanted to get a salad (I love their Apple Pecan Salad), but felt I didn't have a valid excuse reason.  So I continued on to pick-up O-man from preschool.  I had a few minutes so I worked on a hooded scarf I started this morning in the car outside the school.  I guess I had the key turned part way in the ignition because my car didn't start!!!!

What awesome luck!!!  Not only did I get to use my Auto Emergency kit my friend stole got from her office for me but, now I just had to let my car run for a while so I had the perfect reason to go drive-thru Wendy's and get my salad!

See - I told you the stars were aligned in my favor.  It's all in how you look at it.

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