The Power of Sleep

Yesterday I was happy to have maintained a minimum.  O-man has recently decided sleeping normal hours was not for him, which meant I wasn't getting much sleep.  Well, hopefully the tides have turned, I got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  I never get that much uninterrupted.  I'm a napper, when I try to sleep at night I'm up about every 2 hours on average, not always due to kids.  I've been that way as long as I can remember.

So when I woke up this morning at 6 when O-man crawled under my sheets, I realized I woke up feeling pretty good and decided to get up and get the day started.  IronFish was struggling not to laugh at me as I did a 10-minute workout video (he averages 1 1/2 hours of working out a day), I took a leisurely crocheting stroll around my house for 15 minutes and followed it up with a hot shower.  Then I woke up the girls and practiced my short order cooking skills (they need work....) and sent them off to school after a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs and whole wheat pancakes.  I feel very accomplished and it is only 9 am.

But yesterday wasn't a complete loss, my flylady baby step #12 was to delete all her emails, that was easy!  Ironically I ended up doing babystep #13 which was to do one of Kelly's missions.  I had already read an email before deleting the rest and it went perfectly with Kojodesign's I Heart New Years challenge of scrubbing something.... I scrubbed O-man's "artwork" off my dining room walls. 

So, today I will continue my babysteps, with one of Kelly's missions and for I Hear New Years, I get to create something, anything!

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