May Means My Birthday - With #CoronaRita?

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In a few short days, it will be May, and my birthday!!!!  I'm turning 35 this year, and for a while I was seriously considering throwing a big party for myself.  Thirty was a milestone year for me, but it was a terrible birthday, and I was thinking of making up for it.

But, then I realized, what I really want for my birthday is to get together with my good friends and really spend some time with them.  So, I've started informing them of Girls Night Out, oh, and I'm NOT driving!

Chili's is a great place for this, plus I happen to have a gift card AND Chilli's has an new drink, the CoronaRita which reminds me of something my one of my college roomies used to make.

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I still sing the "Chili's, baby back ribs" tune in my head whenever I think of Chili's, but I am usually quite happy with appetizers and dessert!  Seriously, give me some Spinach & Hot Artichoke Dip and some Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie and I'm in heaven!

And one of those CoronaRitas, when you can't decide between a beer and a margarita, look how awesome this looks:

CoronaRita sm.jpg

A Margarita with a Corona in it!  I'm just excited to see how the bottle stays upside down in the glass!

Or wait, maybe I'll just go for two desserts... Cheesecake is always good but the Oreo Topped Molton Cake sure sounds yummy too (this is what I get for being up late at night!)

Cinco De Mayo is on a Saturday this year, how will you be celebrating?  I'd love to know your thoughts on this funky new drink!

CoronaRita at Chili's

“You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly”

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Making Changes Before Hoarders Shows Up!

What you are about to see is real
My house is what it is.  There are five of us in a three bedroom townhouse, 3 of whom are 10 or younger.... it is what it is.

But, it's yard sale time again around here!  While I have visions of finding a great chair to add to my master disaster of a bedroom (the vision goes with it when it's cleaned up and in great shape), I'm holding strong.  I've already taken over one car load to the church and plan on taking over a few more.  PLUS, that big bulky entertainment center is getting picked up for the sale.

I've got big plans, they've been brewing for almost 9 years now, that entertainment center was supposed to be there for a few years...  So, it is going, the cubbies in my entry way (right picture above) are moving to the tv wall with the others, making a whole wall of them.  New cubbies, better suited for our needs are getting built.


I can't for the life of me decide what color to stain/paint everything!!!!!  Below is a bit more of my color scheme.  I threw in the picture of my dinning room because you can see it right when you walk in the house, from the front door, right through the living room.  The clock was a wedding gift and we stained the table below it to match.  The hutch in the dining room is much darker than the "clock table."  The carpet is a shag of multiple colors of blues and browns.  Couch is a tan micro-fiber type fabric.  I have punches of red and black.  The walls are mainly a pale blue, but the wall where the tv goes, that also goes into the dinning room, is a turquoise blue.

Whatever I pick, the entertainment wall and the new entry way cubbies will stained/painted the same.
When I put these pictures together, the "cherry" color of the table (the color of the current entertainment center) is what jumps out at me as the obvious answer.  This is what my mom suggested.

However, I was also considering black because of my photo wall:
And because I love how great this looks in my entry way:
But I really love the way white built ins look, like this:

Or this:

But since I'm only having cabinets half way up, I'm probably going to add some open shelving on either side of the tv, so I can make them look pretty like on the wall to the left of the tv below:

I'd love to have a fire place like this, but I do also like the combo of two colors:
Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest

For a while I was considering buying new pieces and really like this:
The finish is kind of a gray-brown stain, which to me kind of blends shades of black with shades of brown.

So, please, please, please help!  Leave me a comment with how you think I should finish my tv wall and cubbies, I'm starting this weekend!!!!!!!

Peace be with you,


Compairing Apples to Androids

I am playing around on IronFish's kindle fire. I love it, it's a great toy but I can't. Decide if it is right for me. My computer is missing pieces and while it still works I would really love to have a tablet of some sort. Many of the tablet designers have attended one of the colleges online and were very clever with the design of this one. The biggest problem with the fire is the lack of camera. Supposedly I can blot from my iPod touch but it is so tiny I don't really see that happening. I know there is a way to put pictures on the kindle but I cant figure out how to get them into the blot post (I am actually writing this from the fire now).

So I guess my question is: does anyone out there write their blobs from a tablet? And if so, what are the pros and cons of the tablet you use?

Peace be with you,


Car Seat Safety

Every time I write the word safety, I have to sing the lyrics to "Safety Dance" in order to spell it correctly...

Moving on...

I'm a minivan drivin' mama, have been for quite a while now.  One of the things I loved about my van when I got it was the fact that I can get 6 car seats or boosters in my car.  It's tight, but I can do it.  I only have three children, but I want all kids to be safe when they are in my car.

Have you seen the newest recommendations for keeping kids safe in the car?  If not, check it out.

My kids were rear facing until 18 months, mainly because they were tiny.  JuneBug would throw a fit whenever I put her in the car, she's always had long legs.  I was young and more concerned about her comfort, I felt like I was being mean because she didn't like rear facing.  Just a few weeks ago I was thinking my nephew at two is probably uncomfortable rear facing.  BUT, the reality is, TOUGH, it's for their safety (singing "Safety Dance" again).  I'm really proud of my sister for still having my nephew rear facing, she's doing the right thing.

Most of the time, when kids are in my car, they are in at least a booster seat.  JuneBug is 10, she has just made it to 60 pounds.  She still has long legs and is closing in on the height suggestion of  4'9" and until she reaches that mark, she'll be in her high back booster.  She admits she can see out the window better from the booster, and it's more comfortable.  Plus, it has shoulder lights so she can read at night. My JuneBug is super smart, maybe she will decide to attend one of the many accredited online colleges when she gets older.

O-Man is 4 and barely 30 pounds, just yesterday he was in a booster for a short trip and unbuckled himself.  Guess who's not aloud to ride in a booster even in the neighborhood anymore!?!?!

After I read the article, I read a bunch of the comments.  I had to laugh at some of them.  Most people's cell phones cost more than a good car seat now a days.  Funny thing is, we don't replace car seats nearly as often as we replace our cell phones...

Peace be with you,


Super Hero Capes and Shop Update

It all started with my little guy's request, he was tired of asking me to tie his blankie around his neck and wanted a "real" cape.  Finding superhero sheets at the thrift store was a total score.  I love upcycling and the sheets are light weight so they flutter nicely in the wind.

Here's a fav pic of Super O and Super T a few weeks ago, the caped crusaders captured all the Easter Eggs their buckets could carry.  It was a great day for the good guys!
O-Man says his cape helps him fly much better than just his arms:
I made them reversible with their initial on one side and super hero on the flip.  O-man's is Batman and Tatertot's is Spiderman (yes, I realize Spiderman doesn't wear a cape, but that doesn't seem to matter to the pre-school aged fans). 
Plus, after constantly telling people they would be in my etsy shop soon, I can officially say, the Super Hero Capes are now available and  I'm currently offering free shipping on all capes!!!!

Peace be with you,


WIWW Fedora Style

Kind of a late edition tonight but I'm determined to write this before going to bed.  You have probably seen the cute fedora hats they are showing around, and if not, you obviously aren't on pinterest enough!  I got one recently from Avon and I've been waiting for the right time to wear it.  Then I wore it to church one Sunday but took it off during the service.  Afterwards an older gentleman, a retired pastor, told me I should keep it on.  He said women used to always wear hats to church and it was acceptable for me to wear it during the service (yes, men are supposed to remove theirs) and he hoped I would continue to wear it and others, and maybe bring back Sunday Church hats to our community.  Later that day a friend told me the women still wear hats in her church and showed me an awesome hat she had worn that day.  I'm sold, I'm definitely going to be wearing more hats. 

Here's my pinterest knock off that made me want to get a fedora, I wore this for Easter Sunday:
Here is another Sunday with the hat:
I'm pretty sure my mom didn't like that hat, but I only see her a few times a year and she doesn't check my blog very often, nor does she comment, so I'm going to pretend I didn't see the look she gave me when I put the hat on before church!

What do you think?  Anyone else into wearing hats?

Peace be with you,


Elmo Cupcakes

While out in Ohio last week, I got to make my nephew's birthday cake.  Last year he was too little to have a favorite, so we went with a typical boy sports theme.
A year later and he's definitely got a favorite, and it's this guy:
Personally, I was a huge Ernie fan as a kid, but I do think Elmo is pretty cute also, he wasn't around when I was a kid!!!!  Originally I was going to use the football pan from last year, but it mysteriously disappeared so I went with plan b, Elmo Cupcakes!
I really don't like red frosting so I tinted the frosting and then covered each cupcake in red decorating sugars.  The eyes are coconut jelly beans cut in half with a dot of melted chocolate that squeezed out of a zip lock bag with the corner snipped off.  Elmo's nose is an orange jelly bean.  Realized the night before making these, I could go to a candy store and only buy the amount of each color of jelly bean that I needed instead of having to buy a large bag of mixed and hope there was enough of what I needed!  I might be the last person to know that, but if not, that's my tip of the day, lol!!!

For his big-ol grin, we split your basic "sandwich cookies" scraped out the creme filling and cut them in half.  Slow sawing resulted in less breakage of the cookies.  I did need a bit more icing on the back of each cookie to "glue" them in place.
Tatertot mush have overheard the discussion of the cupcakes because he woke up from his nap (I decorated while he napped) asking for Elmo Cake.  He was so incredibly thrilled when he got his own Elmo cupcake.
This was only the first day with is cousins.  By the end of the week, the poor babe was so over tired from not wanting to miss a minute of his time with them, especially O-man!

Peace be with you,

Finishing Touches or a Fresh New Look

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If you didn't see my kitchen reveal yesterday, check it out here, the timing on this sponsored post couldn't have been more perfect!  After all the work of tiling, grouting and caulking, the last thing I wanted to do was put the old plastic switch plate covers back on:

Not only can switch plates be an excellent finishing touch, when we moved into our house, the first weekend, I changed out all the switch plates and door knobs because it was a quick and easy way to make the rooms look just a bit nicer before we got other things done on our to-do list (that list is still never ending...)
That being said, Renu by Levitron offers a great collection of
-Combination switches
-Tamper Resistant Outlets
-Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets
-QuickPort Connectors
in 20 popular colors!!!
Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web Site
Now, Levitron is hosting three twitter events:
Wednesday, April 18th 9pm EST
Thursday, April 26th 9pm EST
Wednesday, May 2nd 9pm EST
If you're following @Leviton and #Renu for the twitter events and participate you can possibly win some Home Depot gift cards!   Seriously, a Home Deopt gift card can go a long way in helping with any home improvement project.   For more information check out Leviton on Facebook
wall plates
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WIWW - Pinspiration from What I Already Had

I've been lacking on my What I Wore Wednesday posts and I don't have a whole ton to show for it.  Refashions are currently underway on my existing wardrobe but they won't get finished until after spring break... I've got a big project in the works while I'm visiting my parents in Ohio, I promise to share!

First up are two outfits I originally pinned because I realized I could create something similar with what I already had in my closet without major alterations.  Excuse my not great pictures.
The day I wore this, it was chillier than I expected and since my blue t-shirt dress is sleeveless, the jacket was a must.  It's hard to tell but I do have a few brown bracelets and the necklace is actually quite colorful.
 Again, not a great picture, but it's what I got.  Hard to tell, but the shoes are awesome RED patten leather with white stitching.  I only had a skinny red belt, so a chunky red belt is on my list to keep an eye out for next time I'm in the thrift stores.  Necklace is something I picked up in Germany a few years ago.

And a few more outfits that came together from my closet:

Yeah, I wear a lot of teal/aqua...

Peace be with you,


A Tale of Two Shirts

I've been sorting and organizing lots of places in my house lately.  When I sort the kids clothes and change them for the season, I start thinking of great things to make for them.  The other week, the girls and I made a "To-Do" bin, each outfit I am to make for them has the materials needed and a post-it note with a quick sketch or notes on what my daughter wants me to do.

So, to make my mind stop coming up with more and more projects, I had to do a quick one and feel like I got at least one thing done before I head back to cleaning and organizing.  This one was super quick, only took as long as the oven took to warm up!

I started with these two shirts, two different manufactures, two different sizes.  Dead match for colors.
Their courtship was quick and they were married and photographed before dinner was even on the table!
Like how she can't stop watching TV long enough for me to take her picture?!?!?!  She tells me she loves it, so we're all happy.  Gotta love a quick upcycle!

Don't forget my give-a-way going on, you've got a great chance, no one's entered as of yet!

Plus, the super awesome Groupon Deal for Cold Stone Creamer is still going on!!!
Peace be with you,
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Groupon Deal Alert!

So, let's face it, I am trying eat better, but truth be told, I'm still going to make a few trips for ice cream this summer, I can never be THAT good!

And, if you're like me, you can't pass up a good deal and I've got one for you today.  Groupon is offering 1/2 off at Cold Stone Creamery!!!!!!!!!  Hop over there now and take advantage of this awesome deal.

I'm planning on using my deal to take turns having "Dates" with my kiddos.  IronFish and I try to take turns taking the kids out one on one fairly regularly, even if it is just running to the store to pick up milk.  This will definitely be an extra special treat for each of my kids.

Maybe I'll start with one of my smoothies before Cold Stone, so I don't feel quite so guilty!  Click on the picture to go to the recipe!
Don't forget to enter my give-a-way for a great new product for your garden.  Check it out here!

Peace be with you,
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