Sitting on the Flylady runway - updated

After a short delay in my baby steps, I'm getting back on track.  Over the kids winter break, I have maintained a minimum I am happy with.  Today the girls and I will be putting the holiday decorations away and reinforcing the first 10 baby steps, granted it is noon and I haven't gotten dressed to my shoes as I write this.  So here is a recap of my what I have in my Control Journal so far:

Morning Routine
  • Get up and dressed with make-up and shoes
  • Look at my post-it note reminders (I have them by different sinks for different times)
  • Read at least 1 testimonial or message emailed by Flylady or her crew
  • Recognize the negative voices and change them to positive thoughts
  • Put out 1 Hot Spot (I have post it notes saying "Hot Spot - It only takes 2 minutes)
  • 5 minute room rescue!
Before Bed Routine
  • Shine kitchen sink
  • Put out a Hot Spot
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow
I've just finished my breakfast of homemade granola with hormone free milk, Junebug and I soaked beans overnight, so tonight's dinner is already in process.  While I finish watching Julie & Julia, I'm going to try to send some motivational vibes to my Sister Baby Gretchen (aka SBG) over at Domestic Procrastinator and then jump in the shower to start my Morning Routine, in the early afternoon.

Since I can do anything for 15 minutes, we will be working in 15 minute increments today.  My timer is ready, my cycles are as planned:
  1. 15 minute Room Rescue (starting at the front door and moving to the back of the house room by room)
  2. 15 minutes of helping my girls finish re-arranging/cleaning their room (new furniture, new toys, new year!)
  3. 15 minutes of working on my first project of the year: Doll Bunk Beds if I can pry my husband away from his new tools to let use them (he's already insisted on doing all the cuts just to play with his new miter saw) update: hubs (aka IronFish, kids said he needed a nickname) sent me to Home Depot for a counter sink bit between showering and starting my cycles.  He has taken over the building of this project so I've granted myself 15 minutes of computer time to replace this spot)
  4. 15 minutes of walking and knitting (I'm making a cowl for myself now!).  This is also my time to drink my water, my rest time, even though I'm not sitting, but a little music, knitting and walking is a great mental rest for me update: "walking" chain stich isn't easy, I'm much better at croheting and walking, might have to leave knitting to sitting down...
I'm taking off..... after I chase down my son and make him put some clothes on!  At least he left the diaper on....... update: he's got clothes on and is still adamently protesting potty training any time I go near him to change clothing or diapers......

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