Rescuing a Broken Heart

Today I am happy to say I made it in and out of Michael's only getting exactly what I went in for!  This is an amazing feat for me.  While I was there, I did look at the clearance Christmas stuff and I couldn't help but notice the Valentine's Day stuff.  Which made me remember this heart wreath my girls fell in love with last year:
V-Day is one month away, but the rest of my house isn't quite in shape for decorating, but the only remaining Christmas decoration was the wreath on my front door.  I knew exactly where the heart wreath was, so I grabbed it, thinking I'd stick it on the door and hear squeals of delight when the girls got home.

Unfortunately, since this was made from China's expert craftsmanship much of the wreath is faded and parts look like this:
no longer attached to the wire frame
Finding it heard to just toss in the trash, I found this to be a great opportunity to do a little de-stashing of my ribbons (I LOVE ribbons!).  So I grabbed some ribbon scraps and my trusty tools
And got to work snipping the ribbons into about 6 inch lengths.  Once I had this
I singed both ends to prevent fraying
This is just for looks, back to that whole, not letting the 2 year old use the camera (or lighter for that matter) and I only have 2 hands)
Be careful not to leave the flame on the ribbon too long, it only takes a second near the flame for the ribbon to melt, too long and you end up with this
Oops, I only started a mini fire!

Then I started tying the ribbons on, using them to hold the no longer glued tinsel/garland stuff to the wire frame of the wreath.  Once I was pleased with the placement of the ribbons and felt there was enough, I flipped it over and tied a large silver ribbon to the back so the wreath would hang straight from my wreath holder
And hung it on my front door!
Here is a close up so you can see the ribbons in the tinsel stuff
And that is how you rescue a broken heart!
I think I will hear squeals of delight in about a half hour when the girls get home!

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minimartha said...

Oh I love this! I am totally squealing lol! I never thought to put up a wreath for V-day. You are my new muse!!!

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