Paper Heart Flowers

Despite my intentions of actually using Valentine's decorations around the house this year (my girls love to decorate for the holidays), the wreath is the only thing that made it up.  Friday I went down and pulled out the container marked Valentine's Day, excited to finally be getting it out, I don't think I ever got it out last year.  Well, I sure was in for a surprise when I opened it...... it contained two hand towels, a roll of ribbon and some plastic hearts that must have broken off something else.  Surprisingly disappointing.

Good thing there are lots of fun Valentine's Day ideas floating around blog land.  One that stood out to me was a paper arrangement found here by Haley and her mom.  I really loved how Haley attached her paper flowers to sticks but there is a good 2 feet of snow preventing me from getting to a tree to steal it's branches, so I went with the skewers since I had them on hand. 

I also don't have a Cricut, but I do have scrapbook punches and slave labor children.  So I armed them with a stack of scrapbook paper, some stickers and glue sticks and set them free!  This ended up being a neighborhood project with several giggling girls at my dining room table.  When they were done I took the stack of "flowers" and hot glued them to long skewers.  I arranged them in a metal pail stuffed with newspaper.  The pointy end of the skewers made it easy to push them in to whatever height I liked best.  Here's the final result
Here's a close up

Some are a little funny looking, but they are bright and cheery, full of hearts and love, so I love them!  Now I get to clean up the living room so we can proudly display our Valentine's Day Bouquet... (ugg, this will probably take longer than it took to make the flowers...)
Peace be with you,


The Autocrat: Haley said...

Aww that looks so good! Lovin' the container that it is in.

Emily said...

Thanks Haley, it held flowers at my wedding and every time I think I'm done with it, I end up using it again

Seamingly Smitten said...

My little girl would love these as magic wands! I don't think they'd stay in the bucket because they look like too much fun!

Emily said...

Really Pretty! What an easy way to decorate and add color.

~The Bargain Babe said...

So cute. I hear you about the clean up. I love making crafts and even cooking, but the clean up afterwards! Eek!

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