Beat The Winter Blues - WIWW

I didn't do too well dressing nicely over the past week, but I have a valid excuse!!!  I can SEE!!!!  Friday I had laser eye surgery, so I was dressed in sweats, and again on Saturday since I was laying low for the day.  Then Monday, I planned on cleaning and organizing so i put sweats on... wouldn't you know, I didn't do anything productive that day, guess I should have dressed nicer, I would have felt more like doing something.

So, for this week's edition, I'm sporting sun glasses in doors, be glad I'm not showing off the goggles I have to wear to sleep!!!

Sunday for Church: Top Kohl's, Necklace Lia Sophia, Boots ?, Skirt and legwarmers ME!
Tuesday for play dates with O-Man, who needed to be in the picture...  Shirt and Sweater Target a few years ago, Jeggings Avon, Infinity scarf ME and you can barely see my shoes, they are my new favorite leopard print Crocs, super comfy!

Since I've proved to myself that I feel better on days that I dress better, I'll start doing better at looking nicer, except for days that I have to wear paint clothes!  I've been pinning outfits for inspiration...

Peace be with you,

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