WIWW - More "Pin-spiration"

I'm pretty pleased with myself, I actually dressed fairly well and took pictures most days this past week (except for the stomach virus days...).  Pinterest strikes again for inspiration in my outfits.
I had to make the hat and I'm wearing boots, but the rest I had.
Friday and Saturday... let's just forget Saturday, shall we?
for church, skirt still had the tag on it!
The kids and I met IronFish for lunch since he worked and school was closed.  Bracelet was something I made a long time ago, I love purple almost as much as teal!
I really wanted to stay in jammies, but I pushed myself and put on the shirt and jeans.  Then every time I went upstairs, I added something to the outfit until it was at least better and I did feel better by the end of the day!  The sweater I made last year, you can see it here.  Excuse the terrible picture, guess now I know I need to go with something other than gray under the gray sweater or I look bulky.
Today, yea, my BFF (yes, I used that term) is coming today for our upcoming Girls Weekend, I'm sooooo excited, I'm actually going to go clean my house now!
I've always known it was true, but it really has helped me with the winter blues to dress up (well, more than jammies at least!) and add some accessories.  It helps that I'm totally into doing my makeup now that I don't have to wear glasses anymore!  What are you wearing?

Peace be with you,


Simply.Lovely.Things said...

Too many cute outfits to choose a fav!

New follower from The Pleated Poppy

Sherri said...

Great pin 'copies'! LOVE the purple.

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