What I Made to Wear Wednesday: High Waisted Skirt

Pinterest is an addiction, if you haven't tried it... I highly recommend it!  Most of the time, I like to see what other people have pinned, particularly when it comes to fashion.  My version of fashion is to find what others like or is in style and make my own, usually by upcycling.  Some things are just meant to be, I pinned these skirts and a few days later my friend Sandy gave me a few skirts she wasn't going to wear any more...

Source: modcloth.com via Emily on Pinterest
Source: polyvore.com via Emily on Pinterest

Here's my version and how I made it:
 I started with a long skirt and a pair of scissors.

 My first cut was about an inch and a half longer than I wanted the final length.  My second cut was for double the width +1 inch for the width I wanted the waist band.  The bottom portion is in my scrap bin for now.

For the waist band, I folded it in half, ironed and seamed the whole things with an angle on the end (left an opening for turning).

 When I laid it out, this is what I planned on having the finished skirt look like.  However, I forgot about the fact that the zipper had to stay in the back (based on the placement of the darts, I wasn't interested in totally starting over, if I was, I would have cut differently).

 So, after a bit of trial and error, I settled on this.  This is the back of the skirt with the zipper, I never actually finished the one end.  Sorry I didn't take pictures, but I sewed the waist band on and top stitched.  I then wrapped the "tie" around and wore it pinned in place.  My plan had been to use a funky pin but while getting ready to go out, realized I didn't have one!  Guess that will have to go on my to make list.

Sorry Sandy, you aren't getting your skirt back!

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Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

great job! now I'll be on the lookout for a long brown skirt....

Melaina25 said...

Wow! You are super talented and the skirt is super cute!

Hope you'll link up with What I Wore Wednesday: http://transatlanticblonde.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-i-wore-wednesday_30.html

OhioMomPatriot said...

This is a great upcycle of a long skirt! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your skirt turned out so cute!! Thank you so much for linking up!

n*stitches said...

I love this! Great job of upcycling! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week and commenting on my bag! I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend!

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

That's really cute. Good job! This post is great if you want to link up to my Pinterest Favorites :).

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Looks good! Thanks so much for linking up to Things I’ve Done Thursday!!

Sew Rugged @ bear rabbit bear

Camille said...

This is awesome! I would totally rock that skirt! I need to go find a long skirt I can cut up now . . . and pray that it turns out as cute as yours. Thanks for sharing your great idea!
We have a link party going on this weekend and we would love to have you stop by and share this!
Camille @


PS I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

WOW! Great Job...highly impressive.

lori said...

i love what you did with this skirt! it is fabulous!

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