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Please welcome Jennifer from Home Daybook helping us banish the winter blues away...

Hi, all...I am really excited to be posting over here at Domestic Deadline about banishing the winter blues! Because, you see, my excitement about posting is opposite of my excitement about winter....post-holidays. I know I'm always looking for some motivation to do.....well, anything during this time of year. So, here they are....the antidotes to the winter blahs, Home Daybook style. Find a painting project. I truly love to paint in my house. I think it's a sickness. My husband says he has never known anyone who enjoys this chore as much as I do. Well, for me, not a chore. : ) What better time to redo a wall color when it's cold and crappy outside?  I sure don't want to do it when it's warm and sunny.
Choose a sunny color like terra cotta!
And if your a masochist like me, let your kids help, too! It adds to the fun....and takes up lots of time. I could write a nice article about teaching kids to paint without getting paint where you don't want it.
Take a class or two. Wintertime is the perfect time to learn about something that you want to know...or know more about. At our zoo, they offer a lecture series called Landscaping for the Homeowner. It is a really comprehensive class and it's great. I attended several of the classes a few years ago and would love to go again. Email me if you're a gardening nerd like me and you would like to know more details...I could go on and on. Plus, it was on a weeknight and it allowed me to get out of the house without my children.  I also took Sewing 101 at my local craft store. (Yes, I was one of those people who would do just fine on my home ec sewing skills from 7th grade. We learned how to sew buttons and we also sewed a pillow. By hand. That I still have.) I figured, lots of people can sew....it can't be that hard. Now I am the proud owner of a sewing machine and I have tried out some projects.
The materials at the craft store all used to intimidate me....now, I am learning what they are for. So, figure out something you'd like to learn--or learn more about--and take a class this winter. Since the weather is cruddy, you might as well do something fun and worthwhile inside! Thanks for letting me visit, Emily! Here's to having some fun and carpe diem to those long winter days.
Peace be with you,

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