Beat The Winter Blues - Freezer Cooking

I'm a homebody, even more so in the winter than other months.  So, when I do have to spend the day out of the house in the cold, there is nothing better than coming home to a home cooked meal... wait, I do the cooking... you mean I'm gone all day and now I have to cook?!?!?!?

Scratch that, there's nothing better than coming home and knowing there is something already made and ready to pop in the oven!!!!!

Post holidays when I have left over turkey, I always make lots of Turkey Pockets for the freezer.  It's a very loose recipe, just a few basics and a variety of options.  The pockets themselves are made from crescent rolls, sometimes I make them homemade with whole wheat flour and half the butter... other times I just use the canned kind (especially if they have just been on sale with a coupon and are cheap!).  The number of crescent rolls you need depends on how much filling you make.  I tend to make a big bowl of the filling and just keep filling the crescent rolls until the filling is gone.  Each pocket is made from two crescent triangles pinched together to make a square.

Cream cheese and seasonings of your choosing OR laughing cow herb cheese wedges (or combo)
Green pepper
Veggies of your choice
Shredded turkey or chicken

In a large bowl mix your cheese and seasonings with a bit of milk to thin, making it more of a thick creamy sauce.  Add in your diced green peppers and onions and veggies of your choice (I've used peas, canned corn, asparagus, frozen mixed veggies, whatever I have on hand).  Mix in the shredded meat until well coated.

Pinch two crescent rolls together and top with a large scoop of the filling:
Pull up the four corners of the crescent rolls and pinch together:
Press the seams together closing the filling inside:
Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes (you can use an egg wash if you like a golden brown, but I never bother with that and still get a nice golden brown).  Or, wrap individually in parchment paper and freeze.  When baking from frozen either defrost and follow regular baking instructions or bake for 45 minutes at 350 straight from the freezer.

Serve with a salad for a complete meal (or in my case, be happy the kids eat it because it has all food groups represented!).

Be sure to check out what my lovely guests have shared with us:  Jennifer, Alecia, and Carrie!

Peace be with you,

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