Beat The Winter Blues - Crocheting

I crochet year round, but definitely more in the winter.  Crocheting is kinda therapeutic for me, I've been doing it for so long I can even crochet in the dark and feel my pattern once I've got it down.  So, when I heard about a crochet contest hosted by Andree, I had to jump on that... Crochet the Winter Blues Away!

The parameters of the contest said each of the 20 contestants had to create either a scarf, fingerless gloves or cushion cover using a specific stitch with 3 variations.  I played with this stitch a lot trying to decide what to make, it took a while but finally something came to me.  My finished piece is an infinity scarf that I am very pleased with.
It twists in the center, shown folded down.
 Here I twisted it into a rose and simply pinned it with a safety pin, held great all day that way.
To start, I chained 87 stitches.  Using stitch variation 1, I made my first row.  Just before joining my first row and making a circle, I twisted it one time.  Then I continued the stitch, because of that twist, there was no turning, just continuing around and around until I had a thickness I liked.

 Once I got to a thickness I liked, it still needed something.  The ruffle row is the same stitch but tripled.  Three of the same stitch in one place.
Not only does crocheting brighten my day, but keeps me warm as well.  How do you Beat the Winter Blues?

Peace be with you,


Jamie @ the Backless Shirt Blog said...

Hi! I found your blog from the Random Tutorial Generator. It landed on your floor puff tutorial. I love the pic of your little one sleeping on it. Success!
I'm your newest follower!

Lindy said...

The twist is such a great idea. It looks great.

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

So pretty and simple!! I love the lacy-ness of it!

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