No Crock Pot, No Dinner

Just shy of it's 10th birthday, my beloved crock pot bit the dust.  Actually, I melted the bottom but the poor thing already had a melted handle and a chipped lid, but until recently, it still worked great.

This means I'm in the market for a new one.  I'm a big fan of slow cooking mainly because by the end of the day, I just don't want to deal with the kitchen.  Most of the time my crock pot has a prominent place on my counter top, really no need to put it away if it is constantly used.  Now it is sitting, looking rather lonely, on my back step because it needs to go out with the bulk trash.  Aside from when my in-laws were here, I haven't actually planned a meal, even a regularly cooked one!

I must admit, I'm not 100% without a crock pot, a friend of mine has two and loaned me her spare while I search for the perfect replacement, but it's just not the same.  My goal for 2011 food wise is to feed my family less processed foods, more home cooking, which would typically mean more time in the kitchen and we all know none of us has more time in the kitchen. 

This void in my heart kitchen needs to be filled soon but I don't want to jump into this relationship decision lightly.  Here are my requirements:
  • Programmable (my old one wasn't and I definitely think this is a handy feature)
  • 6 Quart
  • Stainless Steel or Black (since it will live on my counter, I'd like it to look like it belongs)
  • Good Reviews
  • Removable Liner (there are actually ones out there still that you can't remove the "crock")
Consumer Reports ranks the Set 'n Forget is the best in programmable.  They seem to have a version that meets my needs and it is the best seller on Amazon.

In my searching, I also found the BDY Slow Cooker on Amazon, it only has 6 reviews, one not so great (and very recent).  It is more expensive than others out there but it has a unique feature I haven't found anywhere... a divided insert so side dishes can me cooked separately from the meat!

So now I am not sure which one to get.  While looking to see if there was something similar by another company, I found that you can put a corning wear or Pyrex dish into any slow cooker to keep something separate.

Any advice?

Peace be with you,


NJDecorator said...

I have done the pyrex dish thing in my crockpot and it really works great. The science behind it is neat - at least for me, the non science gal!

Christine said...

I just got a crock pot last month. Where has slowcooking been all my life?? We're like bffs now. I have a black Crockpot brand slowcooker. It's 5 quart, because there are only 3 of us, but it's meant for 5 + people. I like that you can remove the stonewear and throw it in the dishwasher. I believe it's the smaller ond that I have. Hope that helps.


Joanne said...

Ok... I read the reviews and think you should get the set & forget. Love the ides of the probe checking the temp and changing to warm. I so need that..my pork loin always dries out. Hmmm...how can I have a crock pot disaster??? I actually like the one I have. (The other is usually used for keeping things warm like mashed potatoes for holiday dinners.)

Emily said...

It isn't too hard to have a disaster... Leave it on top of your stove and accidentally turn the burner on below it... When your house smells like melted plastic it is time to get a new one!!!

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