Luck of the Irish

I'm not Irish.  I've never decorated for St. Patrick's Day.  I have however celebrated the day, big time!  A friend of mine is from Ireland and every year she has a party.  Yesterday I was marking her party on my calendar and decided I would make some decorations for my house, in her honor.

Since I was making a quick trip to Dollar Tree for a few potty training bribes, I picked up this:
The trusty glue gun and more of those cardboard trees from my basement stash came out.   My assistant was more interested in playing today, so in about a half hour I had this:
I thought about trimming the feather one to be more symmetrical, but I kinda like the wildness.  The little one in the front is the flowers from the lei.  This one's my favorite:
I simply wrapped and glued a green clothes line around it!  I have a few more supplies and that wreath form to do something with yet.  I kept them solid green and they will be usable for my field of Christmas trees come December.  I'm very excited to make some things that are usable for multiple holidays.

Peace be with you,


Prairie Patch said...

Emily, I love these! I especially like the clothesline one. This project is definitely on my to do list.

Tracy http://allthumbscrafts.blogspot.com

WobiSobi said...

I love these too, what a great Idea!!

Catch A Falling Star said...

I like the last picture the best altho the feathery one is quite cute!

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Simply neat...they are all so unique, the clothesline is my favorte. Thanks bunches for linking to my blog bash K.I.S.S., always appreciated. :)


Our Seven Dwarfs said...

These are great! Thanks for the inspiration!
Shannon@ oursevendwarfs.com

Its Sew For You said...

LOVE the feathers!
Thanks for linking up at http://itssewforyou.blogspot.com!

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