All in a day's work

I finally got something done in my craft area that I've been wanting for at least seven years...
Not insanely beautiful, just a ceiling fan but it has a light, I haven't had a ceiling light on this side of the room ever.  It was in my daughters' room but it was way too large for their little room, it couldn't be turned on more than low or it turned into a wind tunnel.  They now have a simple white, appropriately sized fan.  I get enough light that I might actually be able to work in there after dinner!

See, light!
 Now I have a lovely layer of dust to deal with tomorrow...
But, Ironfish gets to fix the hole in the ceiling this weekend!
I guess I should mention, the electrician did the work.  I got to deal with a sick child while I attempted to better tame my ribbon collection.
Peace be with you,

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