More Thrifted Sweaters

My last 24 hours have been spent on the phone or online trying to track down and fix a problem with our flex spending account so we can get our reimbursment before it's too late.  Today while O-man naps, I'll be filling out tons of paperwork (yeah).  But the other day I did manager to get a few more of my thrift store find sweaters turned into a few new things.  Mainly things for Sister-Baby.  Here's a few pictures (not great since the camera is on it's last leg and JuneBug took some of them, she does try hard though):
Three cable knit pillows and a yoga waist sweater skirt.  I still have a few more sweaters I'm working into new things.  Hopefully I'll get this flex thing straightened out soon and my house cleaned up (again) since my in-laws are coming in a week, then I can finish up my projects!

Peace be with you,

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