Menu Planning Monday and Crisis Cleaning

It never fails that I end up overwhelmed with life and too much to do and on my mind.  But such is life and maybe one day I will learn to deal with it.  Today we are trying the timer method again.  I'm using the timer to keep me on track, a FlyLady tip that I haven't used in a while, but should.  I'm also doing crisis cleaning since my house has gotten totally out of hand, yet again.  I need it under control before I go to bed tonight!

Tomorrow I start a new "job."  It's nothing major, my friend's kids are going to be coming to my house before school starts.  Since it is earlier than my crew gets up, I'd like my house to be in a decent sense of order so they can play and I don't have to clear a spot on the couch for them to just sit and watch tv, that doesn't really seem fair.  I'm also using it as a way to be better about making my kids a hot breakfast and packing their lunches, something I've been slacking on this school year.

Plus, IronFish is about to go out of the country for work for two weeks which inevitably makes the house fall even more apart... AND I'm up to almost 30 orders for Angry Bird hats and starting to feel guilty sitting on the couch crocheting while I look at the mess.

But, while I'm taking a break from the cleaning, I decided to tackle something that I know will make my week run a bit smoother yet I haven't done in quite a while... Menu Planning.  A quick scan of blog land, and it seems to be a popular Monday trend, so I'm joining in.

Here's what I have on hand that needs to be used, plus what I have in the pantry, I haven't even looked at the grocery flier and coupons this week and I'm not sure I'm going to...
Monday:  Whole grain banana cranberry bread (already in the bread maker with the mushy bananas while I was cleaning in the kitchen!), sausage, scrambled eggs and home fry potatoes.
Tuesday:  Cheese raviolis and spaghetti squash (kids won't eat it) with fresh tomato sauce (those grew in our back yard... we didn't plant them and there are even more!)
Wednesday:  Pizza!  - Weekly family night at church so I don't have to think about this night
Thursday:  Tarragon Turkey Burgers from and Sweet Potato Fries the freezer, hopefully with homemade buns if I can get my act together that day!
Friday: YOYO (your on your own), actually, the kids have play practice where they will have pizza (I know, again...) and I'm going to a Pickle Party where I know there will be munchies and that is enough for me!
Saturday:  Chicken pockets (from the freezer, I'll share the recipe soon) and macaroni and cheese (just because it pretty much has to be served once a week to keep the peace...)
Sunday:  Ok, seriously, I got six out of seven days under control, I can't even think of another meal right now...  Yeah, I know, that is a real cop out since two nights consist of pizza for my kids that I don't even have to get for them.

Next week our winter share of our CSA starts, I can't wait to have fresh, locally grown, organic veggies all winter long in New Jersey!!!!!

Peace be with you,

I'll be linking up to some of these parties, stop by and check out the talent!

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