Sock Extensions

Last winter, my girls asked me for leg warmers.  Ok, they called them "Sock Extensions" but they were leg warmers to the rest of the world.  The crochet ones weren't what they wanted, so we ultimately ended up making the sock extensions out of their old tights.  Me being the craft supply hoarder that I am, I still have the parts of the tights I cut off, because there is always a use for them somehow, right!?!?

Last night when I needed an Angry Bird hat break, I came across those parts and decided even little legs need to be warm.  Seriously, I just wanted an instant gratification project and actually ended up getting two.
First, I cut the left over feet in half and ran a seam up the side.  This means each pair of feet, actually makes two sets of American Girl sized sock extensions or leg warmers.  Then on both the open ends, run a zig zag at your smallest stitch length and stretch the fabric.  I thought a contrasting color was fun.  The girls were really excited when I randomly left them on one of their dolls and sat her on the couch (of course, the dress she's wearing is so not the right outfit for these...).

The girls want me to make some for my next craft show.  Might have to since I've also been working on several pairs of these

Peace be with you,

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