Get Your Groupon!

One of my ongoing stashbusting goals is to reduce the amount of scrapbooking supplies I have.  While I love to do traditional scrapbooking, and will continue to do so for some specific albums, for my family albums I am attempting to move to the digital style.  I'm on the computer a lot and sometimes I just don't have the energy to get all the supplies out to work on my albums a few minutes here and there.  But, to work on it a few minutes on line here and there, does actually happen.

I'm working on finishing up my 2008 family scrapbook traditionally.  For 2009 and 2010, I've started them both digitally.

Since I grabbed this Groupon this morning, I'll be able to do 2011 on the cheep!  If you haven't already grabbed yours, click below and get your savings. 

Another bonus, it's much easier to work on my album digitally when also dealing with sick kids... which I learned for a fact today...

Peace be with you,

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