What I Made to Wear Wednesday - T-Shirt Skirt

I actually made this a few weeks ago and have been wearing it lots but keep thinking, "oh, I'll take a picture next time I wear it," which of course never happened... until today!  I was finally folding the enormous pile of clothes IronFish washed for me over the past several weeks and decided I'd change into it and picture it.

Truth be told, I really wanted to wait to perfect the design, make another one, that kind of thing.  It is so comfortable and I really love wearing it and I'm hoping to make some and add them to my etsy shop, in both kids and mom's sizes.  But here it is in it's original form, while I busily crochet more angry bird hats than I ever thought I would.  Perfecting the pattern will have to wait a bit.
It's kinda crazy colored, but I usually just wear it with whatever t-shirt I feel like it that day.  Since I was just playing with the design at the time, I used t-shirts that were already cut up instead of cutting into new shirts or jersey material.  I'm fairly pleased with it except I cut the back side wrong, it was supposed to wrap all the way around, and I made it as a reverse of the front. They yoga waist makes it super comfy.
What do you think? 

Peace be with you,
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