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Every year our church puts on a golf outing as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.  Earlier this week marked our 5th annual event.  I've had the privilege of spending the day on the course every year, but I don't golf.  Typically, I've driven a golf cart as a "Hydration Specialist" (IronFish's term for beer cart driver).  This year I spent the absolutely gorgeous day crocheting and keeping an eye on the "money hole," the hole with a $10,000 prize for getting a hole in one (nope, didn't happen).

O-Man also spent the day at the course, and I just had to share the pictures I took of him during the day:

He got to start the morning off, blowing the air-horn so Daddy could make the announcements before the golfers headed out.
O-Man rode along with Daddy for a few holes, and then joined me.  He was so excited to find "his flag," don't worry, I made him put it back before the next foursome came through!
"You're supposed to drive the golf cart around, Mommy, not sit and play with yarn in it," yeah, that's a direct quote!  I learned quickly to take the keys out...
"This bunker has 3 rakes, the other one's I raked only had 2.  The extra one is for me, Mommy," yeah, returned that one when he wasn't paying attention...
Must have been a tough day, it didn't take him long to fall asleep once he found a comfy lap back at the club house...
... but it didn't last long... he had quite a collection of non-winning 50/50 tickets... nope, people walking around didn't bother him!
We had a great day, O-Man's enjoyment only added to the fun.

Peace be with you,

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