If You Give Me A Blank Canvas...

O-man's good friend turned 4 a few weeks ago and for his birthday, his mom asked me to do a mural on his wall.  Well this boy loves gears, of all kinds.  Things that connect together and move around are his favorite.  So I took several of his gears and connected them in a layout I thought would look good in the space and a bunch of plastic lids and other various circular objects and got to work.

I started by tracing the lids and getting a basic plan for my design.  Since I always have a huge container or acrylic paint on hand, we picked out some colors and I started painting.
The boys played downstairs.  I got such a kick out of them checking on my progress... they weren't quite sure that I was actually making gears on his wall in the beginning stages.
I got such a kick out of doing this since my mom is an artist.  She does amazing watercolors, and it amused me to pretend I was as talented as her!
Hmmm, not quite there...
End of day one, they were pretty excited, it looked more like gears finally!

Here's the final result.  A few more layers of paint and outlining in black really brought it together.

Peace be with you,

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Ricochet said...

Yay! Turned out great! I'm thinking of something similar for my son's room--gears or maybe a circuit board. I hope mine turns out as nice and crisp as yours.

RebKnitz said...

That is really very cool.

Jill said...

Oh that's just brilliant! I'm always amazed at what people come up with for boys rooms! This is fabulous!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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