What I Made to Wear Wednesday: Sweatshirt Refashion

So, this morning after the girls left for school, I was sitting on the couch being a total bum... and eating their Halloween candy for breakfast... when I finally decided I needed to get up and do something productive.  I have seen some cute sweatshirt refashions lately and had already started one that had stalled out.  Still on the couch, I looked for some inspiration on pinterest.  Now I have a ton of inspirational sweatshirt refashions, but one would work with the sweatshirt I'd already started, so I went with that... I figured it was better to finish up an existing project than start a whole new one!

Here is a picture of what inspired me and here is what my version ended up looking like:
I'll give you a brief run down of what I did.  Warning: this took an entire spool of thread!!!!

First, start with an old sweatshirt.  I have no idea where this sweatshirt came from, it's navy (hard to tell in some of the pictures) and really pretty worn nicely broken in.  Cut off the collar and up through the center of the sweatshirt:
I rounded out the bottom edges and along the collar.
If you need to take the arms and sides in, do this now.  The picture below shows one sleeve that I took in over top of the sleeve I didn't take in (don't worry, it's not lopsided, I took the other side in after the picture).  I tried it on inside out and decided how much to take in.
The final step is going to use all that thread up.  Fill your bobbin to the max!  I didn't take pictures of the process because I had to run to the store in the middle of it to get more thread and I forgot!  Using a zig zag stitch  close to the edge and on the smallest stitch length, pull the fabric and go all the way around the entire edge and sleeve to give it a ruffled edge.  Then I did three rows of straight stitches separated by the width of my presser foot, again, all the way around and on the sleeves.
I'd actually planned on doing 5 rows of stitching and putting on buttons... but O-man was over it... and frankly... so was I!  I might still do the buttons later.  Lets put it this way, you don't get to see my face in this picture because I'm not too happy with the child hanging on my leg...
Quite comfy and a lot nicer to wear out of the house than the pajamas I wore until noon!

Peace be with you,

I'll be linking up to some of these parties, stop by and check out the talent!


Christine B. said...

This is really fantastic!! Love it!

Lindsay said...

This. is. awesome! Do you know how many sweatshirts I have in my closet that need a makover?! I'm thinking I'll use a rolled hem on my serger....less thread maybe?!

sweatshirt said...

These look great. I will be sure to tell others about this blog.

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