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Hi there! I’m Elizabeth!
I’m the owner and creator of Sew Chatty and I am thrilled to be visiting you all at Domestic Deadline today!
I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it has been H O T here in California! Enter the BEST summer purchase EVER…the iced tea maker by Mr. Coffee. This handy kitchen gadget and the mango tea from Trader Joes make for one happy momma!
Iced Tea
Allow me to walk you through the iced tea making process…
1) Fill with water to the fill line.
tea 2
2) Pour water into reservoir.
tea 3
3) Fill with ice to the fill line. Place basket on top with four of those yummy mango tea bags. Put the lid on and snug it up to the iced tea maker.
tea 4
4) Flip the switch and in less than 10 minutes…you have a very tasty and refreshing summer treat! I love how the tea tastes on its own so I don’t add any sweetener which makes this a zero calorie beverage as well!
tea 5
Easy Peesy.
Yummy goodness :) Add a few cookies and you’ve got my favorite snack for hot summer days! {mug rug made by me}
A big thanks to Emily for having me over today! Come and visit me at Sew Chatty and follow along on Facebook and Twitter! Happy summer everyone!

Thanks Elizabeth!  I saw one of those iced tea makers at the thrift store yesterday... maybe I'll have to go back, we're hooked on Rosemary Tea here. 

Peace be with you,

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