Kid's Craft: Duct Tape Belt Tutorial

While on vacation, one of my "spares" was having fun making all kinds of duct tape projects, particularly duct tape belts.  Here he is sporting his purple ensemble:
Here's his tutorial:
Step 1: New D-rings cost more than $1, so pick up $1 belts with D-rings at the thrift store.  Cut off the old belt.
Step 2:  Cover D-ring in duct tape, both of them, all the way around.
Step 3: Using the old belt as a guide, cut two strips of duct tape the same length.  Stick them together, this is best done with two people, which is why I don't have a picture of this part!
Step 4:  Trim edges in case the edges don't match up exactly or it needs to be a bit narrower to match the width of the original belt.
Step 5:  Reinforce the end with an extra layer of duct tape in the same color or pattern as the belt.
Step 6:  Still with the same color duct tape, make a tab for the D-rings.  Tape it back onto the belt.
 Step 7:  Reinforce the opposite end with a contrasting piece of duct tape.
Step 8:  Put it on and show off your "jiggly" new belt (his word for awesome that week)!

Below is an amazing backpack he also made out of duct tape, only the straps aren't duct tape!  He uses it to hold his growing supply of fun colored duct tape.

Peace be with you,

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kate said...

this is awesome! I love the fun colors

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