Nine Years Later... Still Haven't Broken One Yet!

I thought we'd finally had a broken bone in the family but no such luck...  We've had two emergency room visits (both for the boy for hitting his head, go figure) and one other injury requiring an x-ray (Tasha sprained her foot at 3) but I was fully expecting to have a child in a cast today!

So here's the scoop... JuneBug hit her thumb on the wall on Thursday night.  Being the doting mother I am, I ignored her complaints... after all, my children are always running into walls (yeah, not really sure why).  About 24 hours later, she mentioned it still hurt.  A quick glance and I realized her left thumb was at least twice the size of her right thumb, classic mom skills.  Since I use a thumb stabilizer sometimes, I put mine on her and said we'd watch it.  The swelling did go down but she said the pain was still there.  By Sunday night, it looked pretty close to normal to me but she said it was still painful.  This morning we headed over to the doctor's office.  Diagnosis: swollen and painful (which had me cracking up... a little too Captain Obvious).   Off for x-rays we went.

The nurse asked us to wait for the radiologist to read the films and said it would be about 15-20 minutes.  Not five minutes later we were called back and the pediatrician was on the phone for me.  At this point, I'm fully prepared to be calling the list of orthopedists IronFish looked up when we headed over for the x-ray. 

Nope, not broken!  The doctor said she was pretty surprised herself, she was expecting it to be broken too.  We were sent home and told to keep the brace/stabilizer on her for the rest of the week, toss in some Motrin and call back if it is still in pain on Friday. 
Score one for mom for putting the brace on!  But seriously, how have I managed to have children for nine years now without a single broken bone?

Peace be with you,

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Honey at 2805 said...

So happy it's not broken! Thanks for following and I am following you too!

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