Happy Fourth of July from Linwood

It's not quite seven o'clock here but I've already been up for a few hours.  After failing to fall back to sleep, I decided to take advantage of the quite.  This morning, as the sun rose in the east over a tranquil Lake Erie, I took a long, slow bike ride around the park listening to the gentle waves and admiring the lavender sky.  I think the last time I truly enjoyed this morning majesty was a good twenty plus years ago.  My Grandma Marj held out her hand to me and we stood on the front porch overlooking the lake while she drank her coffee.  As she hugged me close she whispered, "Every new day brings us new joy."

In a few hours, the sounds of seven kids getting ready for Linwood's annual Fourth of July Parade will overtake the soothing sounds of the cresting water, chirping birds and occasional passing trains.  Knowing this as I sip my morning tea brings a smile to my face.  My grandmother was the fourth generation here, my children, the seventh.

This day will bring us new joy, I hope you treasure it always.

Peace be with you,

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