Flash Back Friday: Country Chic Cottage Beach Bash - Lake Lounger

So it's not too much of a Flash Back, but in case you missed it, here is my project from Country Chic Cottage's Beach Bash the other week:

Hi!  I'm Emily from Domestic Deadline, my piece of the bloggy world documenting the crafts and craziness that side track me from the things I should be doing (dishes... again?).  I have three kiddos that keep me on my toes, but I love to craft, cook and create for them and with them.

When I got Angie's email to participate in her Beach Bash, I was so excited!  Summer is my favorite time of year, especially when I get to lounge on the beach!  Even though I could find a sunny patch on the Jersey Shore any day of the week, my favorite beach is Linwood Park, in Vermilion, Ohio!

What's the best part of the beach on a hot summer day?  The water of course!  Lounging on a float in the water is always so nice, until I'm trying to remember where the patch is and find the hole!

Time to steel your kid's pool noodle and make your own Lake Lounger!  You'll need:
(2) 6 foot pieces of Rope
(1) 40 inch by 27 inch home decorator fabric (or double up some left over cotton from your stash)
(1) Pool noodle, go for the wider heavier type if you want to make this for an adults use
Basic sewing supplies

Step 1:  Fold over edges of all four side, I used a serger (turned the blade off) but you could also zig-zag all the way around, making the edges sturdier.
Step 2:  Folding over the end (yes, I took this picture before sewing all the way around), sew a tube for your noodle to slide in to.  We are folding back your length, the width after sewing around is about 25 inches.  My noodle measured 11.5 inches around, so I measured back 13 inches for my sew line.
Step 3:  On the opposite end, sew a narrow tube, about 1.5 inches, or a half inch wider than the width of both pieces of rope.  Your piece should now look like this on the back side (yup, too lazy to iron this first!).  Feed your ropes through, leaving an equal amount on both sides.
Step 4:  Fold your piece back to the sew line of your noodle tube (yup, that's a technical term!) and make a mark 1.5 inches up from the fold on both  sides.
Step 5:  Sew an inch zig zag repeatedly over this line.
Step 6: Knot your rope at the ends and at the edge of the fabric, repeat on other side.
Step 7:  Arc your noodle and tie one end onto each side to look like this:
Step 8:  Throw your daughter into the pool and make sure it works!
This was a quick and easy project that took longer for the kids to get into their bathing suits than it did to make!  Plus I got to use up some fabric from my stash that I don't even remember where it came from.

PS:  This got lots of use on Lake Erie earlier this month!  I've already made a few more since the kids loved it so much.

Peace be with you,

I'll be linking up to some of these parties, stop by and check out the talent!


Mami Made It said...

Love, love, love your project!
I have to make this too.
Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

Thanks so much for this amazing tutorial! Found you through Nifty-Thrifty Sundays! Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Great idea to make your own of these! We've had them before for our pool - I thought they were fabulous - but my girls aren't ones to sit still -and kept taking them off the noodles!
Sounds like yours will we well used! :)

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

{nifty thrifty things} said...

Great idea! Just need the pool now. ;)
Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!! I would love it if you joined me again tomorrow! :)

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