What I Almost Made to Wear Wednesday

The best laid plans...

June 1st should be the kick off to my summer blog plan and I should have something new to show you that I made for myself.  However, the one family member who didn't get the stomach virus, was struck down...

So I didn't get my most recent dress done but here is a sneak peek but be forwarned:  it isn't done and the picture is bad.  I basically have two things left to do, fix the straps in place and decide where I want the bottom ruffle to go.  I'm looking for suggestions on this part!
I feel it needs a ruffle that matches the straps and bodice ruffle somewhere at the bottom.  I was thinking of either at the last tier (about 6 inches up from the bottom) or should it be at the very bottom?

While we are on the topic of fashion, let's talk glasses.  You may have noticed in some of the pictures of me, sometimes I wear glasses instead of my contacts.  I have about 6 different pairs and like to switch them around with my outfits.  I also have a few pairs of perscription sunglasses.  Well, if you wear glasses, you know they aren't cheap.  BUT, last summer I discovered a great place to get glasses, cheap!  A little place online called EyeBuyDirect.  On occassion they have buy one pair get another pair free, this is how I managed to get several pairs of glasses and sunglasses.  Guess what, they are having that sale right now!  So, if you wear glasses, click on the ad below (yes, it's an affiliate ad and thank you in advance) and get yourself some new glasses for as low as $14 for 2 pairs!!!!!

Here's a tip:  if you have a health care flex spending account, you can send the recipt in and get reimbursed (that is what I do).

Peace be with you,

PS - I'll be linking up to a few of my regular parites and I will share better pics when I get it finished!

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