The Linwood Trees

Since I have been blogging two compliments have struck me as really funny: 1. I never realized how funny you were (this was from a friend and we immediately started cracking up since it was meant to be a compliment but didn't come out that way)  2. I never knew you were could write so well (this one actually came from my own mother!)

Ironically they were both huge compliments to me because I have never been considered the writer in the family nor the funny one! Both of those titles fell on Sister Baby, my middle sister. She used to say my mom and I were only allotted one "funny" a year. We were both famous for thinking of our comeback lines the next day while Sister Baby's took mere seconds to entice hysterics. She also is the one who went to school for journalism and frequently corrected my papers (and wrote my husbands med school application essays as a college freshman).

So to me, those really were huge compliments! Before I started blogging, I was encouraging my sister to start one and hopefully one day it will have more than the one post and me as her only follower (she is a full-time, working away from home mommy, so time is limited). But in the mean time I wanted to rave a bit about the book she and my mom wrote!
For 125+ years and counting, my family has enjoyed a bit of paradise on the Ohio banks of Lake Erie (yes, I said paradise) in Linwood Park.   A picturesque neighborhood of hundred year old cottages surrounded by lush green trees and edged with a long sandy beach.  Where children's laughter abounds and friends, new and old, meet year after year.

Their book, Linwood Trees, is about the many summers of this beloved place, that has intertwined through families, neighbors and generations.  It's about a place that knows no stranger, just on big family of Linwood. 

For over a year, my mom and sister collected, recorded and compiled the stories, pictures and facts of the Linwood families for future generations to cherish.  Linwood Trees is a collection of 250+ colorful pages of photos and short stories of this place that is more than a place to visit, but a place in our hearts.

Check out a sample of my sister and mom's amazing book here, on page 5 you can see what I looked like in 1984! 

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