Headed to the Beach!

Not only am I headed to the beach later this week, but today is the kick off to the Beach Bash over at Country Chic Cottage!  All of the guests from now until July 20th are former One Month to Win it contestants so you know all the guest posts will be awesome.

Stop by and check out all the fun.  I'm up July 13th, I can't wait for you to see my fun project (I was able to stash bust for the beach).

I've got several fun things coming up but with the kids home and getting ready to go on vacation, I'm not getting to the computer quite as often as I thought I would.  I've got a few kid crafts coming up and a really exciting Kid's Craft Camp a few of my friends and I are doing for the kids later this summer.  The kids and moms are insanely excited!  Each of us has a theme for our day, the big kids are the campers and the little kids get to play, which means 3 moms have a few hours to themselves every week.  We'll meet back together, moms, big and little kids for lunch and for the campers to show off what they made.  Each camp day will start with the girls sharing from the journals what they did the following week, a scrapbook they each made.  Our themes are Art in Nature, Fashion (that's me!), Photography, Theater and Music.

Peace be with you,

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