Gesundheit! Bless you...

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I think I'd gain an extra hour in my day if I could stop sneezing.  I don't know about other allergy sufferers but this spring has been ridiculous!  The past few years I haven't had nearly the problems my younger two kiddos have had, but this year it has taken me weeks to get all my symptoms under control. 

When I hit the stores, I was surprised at the different options... and prices available on the shelves.  Lucky for me Walgreens recently had BOGO sale and I picked up their version of Zrytec, Wal-Zyr (Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products), for half the cost of the name brand.  Since they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the same active ingredients as the name brand, I knew it couldn't hurt!                         So far I'm finally seeing some relief to the ah-choos!  Definitely worth more than 25 cent a day this breaks down to. 


I was also pleased to recently learn about Walgreens Way to Well Fund™, a program designed to bring preventative wellness services to communities.  Walgreens will be contributing up to 3 million annually.  I personally appreciate when companies give back to the communities they do business in.


Right now there are several giveaways going on giving you the chance to win Walgreens gift cards.  Check them out, and Gesundheit to you, which means good health in German!




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