Where did time go?

My oldest daughter is growing like a weed.  Seriously, I'm thinkin' the child might be 5 feet tall by the end of the summer... she's only 9!  I shouldn't be too surprised, I'm almost 6 feet tall and I was almost this tall by 6th grade.  Wait, I just said she was 9, I'm pretty sure she was just born.  Where does time go?

Which leads me to all those things like, oh, I'll do that tomorrow when I have more time.  And now I've been saying that for a month!  We've all been there, right?

So here it is.  This post is about two specific things I have been meaning to do and have promised myself I will get done before the end of the week, but I need your help, please.

First, some wonderful bloggers have recently given me awards and I just kept meaning to pass them on, tomorrow, but tomorrow keeps getting farther and farther away!  Here we go...

Thank you Real Crafty Mama and Blissful and Domestic for the Versatile Blogger Award!
And to DIY kinda girl for the One Lovely Blog Award!
I am truly touched and so excited.  Both of them come with a few simple requirements, to tell you 7 things about myself and pass the award on (15 for Versatile and 5 for Lovely).   I am also supposed to thank the givers and link back to them (check).

My version is the "I can't get my act together" award which means I am cheating a bit.

Seven things about me:
  1. I have a drawer full of blank thank you cards, I'm pretty sure I haven't written one since my wedding!  I do feel bad about being a thank you card slacker, especially for all the thank you cards I am behind on for my Grandma (given what I've already said, you probably could have figured that out).
  2. I suffer from OCD - Obsessive Craft Disorder!  I get an idea in my head and can't get it out until I make or do the idea. 
  3. I'm always tired, I feel like I sleep all the time, but I can never fall asleep.  Confused?  So am I.
  4. My husband thinks I'll go back to work someday... hence the Domestic Deadline.  We'll just leave it at that...
  5. I totally crack myself up... feel free to laugh at me, I'm fine with it.
  6. I have a panic attack at the thought of not recycling and waisting things.  We only have this one planet, I'd really like it to be around for future generations.  Which is probably why upcycling projects are hands down my favorite (especially when I can sew and upcycle).
  7. I'm obsessed with labels... not name brand, but where it is made, what it is made from and if it can be recycled.  I WILL pay more for American made, post consumer recycled and easily recyclable (that little triangle thing around anything above 2 isn't considered recyclable by my local recycling facilities...).
Now comes the part where I am supposed to pass these awards on to other great bloggers.  Here is the "I can't get my act together" version:  I follow a lot of big bloggers.  I follow a lot of small bloggers.  I love followers and comments (warm and fuzzy feelings!).  When people comment on my blog, I try to go check out their blog.  I try to follow the bloggers that follow me...  Somewhere along the way, time passed me by and well, we've already gone over that...

So, if you have a blog and follow me, please leave me a comment on THIS post with a link to your blog.  I will go to your blog, leave you a nice comment and follow you back.  I will then add you to my list of award recipients and pass the award on to you!  (I warned you this was the slacker version... might have to make up my own award...maybe tomorrow)
  1. Who wants to be listed first?

Peace be with you,

PS - This is this week's goal.  After this week, I will try harder to follow back...

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Simone said...

Hi Emily, I hav just found your blOg and am now totally addicted and your newest follower! I can't wait to read all your older posts and see the gorgeous things you have done :)

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