Mission Organization Monday: Living Room Catch-All

Sometimes just a little freshening up makes such a big difference.  The first wall one's eyes sees when they enter my home is this wall:
I know, it's bad!  It's a catch-all spot.  It's the spot where IronFish drops his work bag, keys, watch, wallet, etc.  It's the spot where my kids put papers they think are mine and/or thing they think I might want.  It's the spot where random things that no one knows where to put end up until I do something about them.
Yup, inside those little drawers is just as bad... more homeless things mixed in with a few things that belong there!  I decided the only way to deal with this was to clear it all off and only put back what needs to be there.  After a good hour of sorting trash, recyclables, things that belong and things that didn't, here was the result:
I got the little drawer thing on the left as a gift with purchase and the colors are right for my house.  I flipped the drawers around, the small left one is for my husband's things when he comes in from work.  The one on the right is for my random things that I want/need but don't have another home (the extra shopper's cards, keys I only need occasionally, etc).  The top drawer is stuff that no matter what, ends up on that table...  I sorted out the two table drawers too.  The one on the left is all neat and organized with things that really should be there.  The one on the right... well... it's now the official home to all the stuff that didn't have another place and didn't end up in the trash or recycling.  I'm OK with a junk drawer as long as it doesn't multiply when I'm not looking.

On the right side of the table is a little phone charging station, our home phone and my beautiful hand calla lilies my daughters made me for mother's day in the pretty vase JuneBug made me at school!  Now we just have to keep it neat and tidy!

Oh, that large basket below?  That's wear I stash extra purses, bags, backpacks, pool bag and computer travel cases.

Peace be with you,

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Minoaka Bebe said...

I have one of those spaces at home in my kitchen! Glad to see I'm not the only one with a room-catch all. I need to do the very same thing you did and clean it all up especially now that my son is crawling more.

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