Next Generation Rocking Chair

A friend of mine is due with her first baby in June.  Her baby shower was this past weekend and of course I wanted to make her something, not just buy her something off her registry (sorry, I prefer hand made and hand me downs for baby things, just the way I am).

Her mom and I came up with the idea of me re-doing her childhood rocking chair... perfect!  Her dad dropped it off to me and O-man was positive it was for him:
He moved it all over the house, even used it to get up on the counter tops!  I never took a real before picture, I didn't really think about it.  Looks like a Holly Hobby pattern to me.  Since it had been in the attic for almost 25ish years the fabric and foam crumbled.
When I took the original off and started with the new, O-man kept saying, "put the ugly triangles back on!"   Since the new daddy wanted an animal theme nursery and the new mommy wanted geometrics, this monkey pattern was the perfect fit.  Since O-man loves monkeys, he was even more sure it was for him!
I did finally get it out of the house without him in it!
I think it turned out darling and both Mom and Dad loved it!

Peace be with you,


Grammy Goodwill said...

You did a great job on the rocking chair. Have you found a replacement for your son? (Surely you've been looking, right?)

Lindsay said...

What a sweet thoughtful gift! Your friend is going to love it. I agree with you..I also prefer handmade gifts for baby showers!

Delighted Momma

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