Yard Sale Success

You may remember about two weeks ago my family was involved in our church yard sale.  Well, this year we broke a new record bringing in over $6000 in one day of sales!  Every year I am in charge of the jewelry department and our sales on jewelry alone was almost $1200!!!!!  I just can't believe it, it was an awesome day.  There are a few things that I have to list on ebay that we felt would do better there than at the sale so our total still has the potential to go up.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures of the day:
During a lull in the crowds, one of the guys climbed the fire escape to take this picture showing our hot dog stand, books & media, housewares, toys, collectibles and holiday departments
Some of the furniture, there's a few things here I never saw... probably a good thing!
Another view of the furniture department, we even offer local delivery!
My husband (bending down) and Uncle Eddie in "Uncle Eddie's Used Electronics" department.  A few years ago they decided tacky sports coats would improve their sales... I'm still refusing to dry clean that coat, it's officially considered wash and wear now!
Here's a few views of our jewelry department.  Finishing setting up the necklaces before the crowds arrived (they were actually lining up outside the door!  We are the only ones inside since we start laying everything out a few days early)
Half of the earring section.  We put all the earrings on index cards, it has actually improved our earring sales and prices.  I've actually attempted to keep track of how many pairs of earrings we sell every year, it's usually around 200 (including clip on earrings)
It isn't uncommon for us to have people lined up along the tables, two or three rows deep.  That's me all the way in the back with the navy sleeveless shirt on.
Since this is a town wide event held the first weekend in May annually, we all relax with for dinner and the Kentucky Derby races at a local pub afterwards.  It's always well deserved.

Peace be with you,

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