Patriotic Wreath

I'm still in the start of summer mode.  My spring wreath needed to come down and replaced with something more fitting for the season.  Hmmm, something tells me I have a few million yards of ribbon just waiting to be used...
Gather your supplies:
A few miles of ribbon, scissors, lighter or candle, wreath form or refrigerator conduit, duct tape
Wait, doesn't everyone have packages of refrigerator conduit laying around?  Be creative folks, unless you have a wreath form laying around.
IF you are using some sort of wire or, like me, refrigerator conduit, use the appropriate tool to cut it, such as a pipe cutter, don't use your good scissors (or they will become your crappy scissors pretty quickly).

Use some duct tape to form your wire/pipe into a circle, I like to then cover the whole thing with duct tape... it's just so much fun to use!
I cut my ribbons 6-8 inches long, you may need to go longer if your wreath is thicker than mine.  Just cut tons.  Then cut a few tons more...
Once you have lots of ribbon cut, seal the edges by touching them to a flame quickly, I have decided a lit candle is the easiest way for me to do this.

Start knotting your ribbons on.  Yes, I'm a little Type-A and have to try to balance out the placement of my ribbons, trying not to get too much of the same too close.
Then cover the whole thing in ribbons, squish them together and squeeze some more in there.
Hang up and enjoy your 3-day weekend!
There you have it, super easy, super cute and super stashbusting!

Peace be with you,

PS - I'll be linking up to several of these parties, stop by and party with me!

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Jill said...

LOVELY wreath Emily!!

Just wanted to let you know I featured a couple of your sweater refashions on a post today. Thanks for linking them up! I've got close to 100 links now!! Very exciting!!

Hope you have a lovely day!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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