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It is so nice to sit down and relax with a little crocheting.  My home is photo ready for the next decorating magazine shoot.  Add a freshly brewed coffee and a little music and my life couldn't get any nicer.

"Mom, Mom, Mom," then I open my eyes...reality.  The couch pillows are on the floor, my two-year-old has stripped his clothes off again and the light filtering in from the fingerprint covered back door illuminates the two foot square glue spot on the floor.  Toys and boxes litter the living room floor along with Cheerios and fabric scraps from my latest sewing project.  Dishes overflow the sink but are generously covered in soap (thanks again to the two-year-old).  School papers, library books and "recycling crafts" are adhered to the dining room table with orange juice.


"I love you," and that is the number one reason why I am so glad I get to be home with my children.

I've been at home with the kids for over 7 years now but somehow I have yet to figure out how to keep the house in order with everything else I do.  Add this to the fact that my list of things I want to do is constantly growing and the days until I have to find a "real" job (as my husband says) are starting to dwindle.  Every day older my little one gets is one day closer to school age, and my domestic deadline!

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