Craft Addicts Anonymous

Seriously, I have a problem and need at least a 12 step program!  I keep finding great craft ideas and my list of things I want to make gets longer every day.  Luckily, I have a dedicated craft area but it has two major problems.  First, it is the other half of my kitchen, so there is no door.  Second, it is just out of control.  I continually work at cutting back, rearranging, reorganizing, prioritizing but I must admit, there are times where I sit down in the middle of it and try to clean it up so I can actually work and I'm so overwhelmed by it (the "helping" 2 year old doesn't help that much either).  Right now there is so much stuff I have one of the entry ways blocked which means I have to take the longer path to get to the pantry which makes meal prep and clean up take even longer.  But, I've asked for a few new tools (bias tape maker, surger, etc) for Christmas and I know I will want to play with whatever I get immediately.  So, the goal is to get this cleaned up by Christmas (earlier would be better so I can actually finish my holiday gifts!):
There is a floor under there somewhere, I promise

I actually have a lot of storage, I got my fabric all folded and organized (there is more in the left cabinet) but that iw where it ended....

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