Shoeless Em and Hot Spots

I got up yesterday and got dressed to the shoes.  Then before I knew it, I was standing in my socks looking at the dishes in my sink trying to decide if I should wash them or just deal with it in the morning!  I ended up getting busy and forgetting to write things down on my post it notes.  But, I'm happy to say, I did do the dishes and shine my sink.  I don't have a clue when I lost my shoes the first time, I was in and out of the house so I'm pretty sure I kept to my habit of removing shoes when I entered the house, but haven't successfully built up the habit of wearing my indoor shoes yet.  But, that's why these are Baby Steps!

I'm also supposed to be writing down any negative thoughts I have and turning it around into a positive.  This is something I've done for years and am currently trying to teach my daughter.  Actually, we've been working on using this method for comebacks.  I'm trying to teach her whenever someone says something mean or negative to her, to say thank you and give them a compliment and a smile.  For example, Junebug came home from school the other day upset because a boy in her class called her "Tomato head."  She was wearing her favorite strawberry hat Ya Ya Tracy made her.  Next time her response should be something like "Thank you, I really like your hat too," followed by her toothy grin.  We discussed how not everyone knows how to give compliments, so if we respond to negative remarks with a compliment and a smile, maybe they will be more likely to give someone else a compliment or at least not make a negative remark.

Which leads us to Hot Spots (OK, not really, I'm just saving you the babble).  Today in our Flylady Baby Steps we are learning about Hot Spots.  Time to find the timer and practice two minutes of dealing with a "fire" in our house.  Junebug and Tasha are going to be learning about this when they get home since they want to finish decorating for Christmas today (yes, we are very behind).  We'll see how O-man and I do today, I'm hopeful that I can teach the 2 year-old to clean up for 2 minutes.  Maybe in between "Sticky House Mug Mouse" since he is totally zoned out to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now.....

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