Lace Up Shoes, Seriously?!?!?!

OK, I'm familiar with Flylady, and one of the things I have always protested is the lace up shoes.  Day 2 baby step is to get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up.  I understand the concept, if I tie the shoes, I have to untie them to lounge on the couch.  I have two problems with this. 

1. I've grown up taking my shoes off when I enter the house.  If I need to wear shoes in the house then the floor better be amazingly disgusting!!!  I'm so used to asking people to take off their shoes when they come in my house and a major pet peeve of mine is people tracking dirt into the house.  It makes me want to scream at them like a banshee and I start to obsess over it.

2. I love shoes, but I can't stand shoes that tie, never could!  The past few months I have gone out of my way to find supportive shoes that don't tie, something that gives me support and doesn't look like a sneaker. 

So, my compromise, I have a pair of Crocs that are amazingly comfortable, fit my custom insoles and have that supposed benefit of toning your legs while wearing them (not sure I really believe that, but like to think I do).  I cleaned off the bottoms and they are going to be my indoor shoes.

Day 2 added dressed to shoes to shining my sink. Check!  Day 3 is "Do what we've already done" and read some of the messages, something I usually do when I need motivation. Check, check and che... (OK, have to go put the last two dishes in the sink.. ck).

Day 4, "Write these things down."  So tomorrow, my Control Journal will officially begin to evolve.  I'll be looking for some post-it notes, in my indoor shoes, tomorrow morning.

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