Making Changes Before Hoarders Shows Up!

What you are about to see is real
My house is what it is.  There are five of us in a three bedroom townhouse, 3 of whom are 10 or younger.... it is what it is.

But, it's yard sale time again around here!  While I have visions of finding a great chair to add to my master disaster of a bedroom (the vision goes with it when it's cleaned up and in great shape), I'm holding strong.  I've already taken over one car load to the church and plan on taking over a few more.  PLUS, that big bulky entertainment center is getting picked up for the sale.

I've got big plans, they've been brewing for almost 9 years now, that entertainment center was supposed to be there for a few years...  So, it is going, the cubbies in my entry way (right picture above) are moving to the tv wall with the others, making a whole wall of them.  New cubbies, better suited for our needs are getting built.


I can't for the life of me decide what color to stain/paint everything!!!!!  Below is a bit more of my color scheme.  I threw in the picture of my dinning room because you can see it right when you walk in the house, from the front door, right through the living room.  The clock was a wedding gift and we stained the table below it to match.  The hutch in the dining room is much darker than the "clock table."  The carpet is a shag of multiple colors of blues and browns.  Couch is a tan micro-fiber type fabric.  I have punches of red and black.  The walls are mainly a pale blue, but the wall where the tv goes, that also goes into the dinning room, is a turquoise blue.

Whatever I pick, the entertainment wall and the new entry way cubbies will stained/painted the same.
When I put these pictures together, the "cherry" color of the table (the color of the current entertainment center) is what jumps out at me as the obvious answer.  This is what my mom suggested.

However, I was also considering black because of my photo wall:
And because I love how great this looks in my entry way:
But I really love the way white built ins look, like this:

Or this:

But since I'm only having cabinets half way up, I'm probably going to add some open shelving on either side of the tv, so I can make them look pretty like on the wall to the left of the tv below:

I'd love to have a fire place like this, but I do also like the combo of two colors:
Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest

For a while I was considering buying new pieces and really like this:
The finish is kind of a gray-brown stain, which to me kind of blends shades of black with shades of brown.

So, please, please, please help!  Leave me a comment with how you think I should finish my tv wall and cubbies, I'm starting this weekend!!!!!!!

Peace be with you,


Amys4k said...

The cherry looking table color will give you a similar look to what you have. Going black or that dark brown color that reads as black from a distance will tie all your accessories together but may make the cabinet in your dinning room and the table seem out of place. The painted lighter colors would keep that wall from being too heavy and dark. Choosing paint the color of your room trim will give you more of a built in look. So it comes down to what look do you want for that space?

Emily said...

I don't want it to be too heavy, I'm ruling black out. Room trim is getting replaced with crips white after all this is done...

Deborah Napoleon said...

I was leaning towards a distressed black with the cherry below. In other words stain it all cherry and dry brush on the black.

BUT, you ruled black out. lol

I don't believe that the white is a good working solution for you at this time - it shows everything and that could drive you crazy.

Why not consider the two color solution - make your "built in's" blend into the walls and trim and accent with the darker pieces.

I personally love the mix of black and cherry,

so, how about a pop of the green (to match your favorite pillow) on your cubbies?

Anonymous said...

I say paint it white to go with your new trim. White will make it look built in and make the small room look bigger and receed the wall not bring it forward. Jan from OHIO

Josie said...

I have to agree with Deborah that all that white will make you crazy. I would go with the cherry since it would tie all your downstairs spaces together. If you're having cubbies on the bottom and open shelving on the top that would allow the wall color to show through then it won't seem so "heavy."

The gray/brown color would seem out of place and awkward.

Emily said...

What about the entertianment wall being white like built ins, then the entryway cubbies in either.black of cherry?

Emily said...

What about the tv wall being white and the entryway funniest being either.cherry or black?

Deborah Napoleon said...

I need to visualize it to decide - it just may be too much white.

Christine Brieva-Giacchi said...

Perhaps a medium to light lime or a light aqua color might work with some white and black. (who says you can't trim and accent with 2 colors? :) )I really like the open-ness of that room, so any color that is on the lighter side will shine. The entertainment centers you picked are really cool, esp the white one. If you really want that fireplace, buy one of those electric ones. My grandmother has one and it's beautiful. Good luck with whatever you choose and I know it will look fantastic. :)

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